Town of Wynyard

Town LED Sign Display

Installation of the Town of Wynyard LED Community Events Board has been completed. This 12ft long by 8ft high LED sign board will be used to display community events, local advertisements and community information.


Advertising Rates

Local Non- Profit organizations- Free

Local Businesses, non-local groups:

Town of Wynyard LED Sign Ad   Rates
Full Rotation- one 5 second ad spot every 120   seconds
Price Approx. Spots Per Day Approx. Total Ads Approx. Cost Per Day
Weekly $25 720 5040 $3.57
Monthly $75 720 20160 $2.50
Half Year $400 720 120960 $2.25
Year $700 720 241920 $1.92


To post an advertisement or event on the Community Events Board contact the Director of Leisure Services at 554-3661 or