Town of Wynyard




Airport Name and Location:

Name: Wynyard Memorial Airport – W.B. Needham Field

The Wynyard Memorial Airport (WMA) is listed in “Canadian Flight Supplement” as CYYO.

Location: Portion of SE 11-33-16-W2 and Portion of SW 11-33-16-W2

 Airport Characteristics:

The Wynyard Memorial Airport (WMA) has a 3,000 foot paved runway, the only paved runway within 120 kms in any direction. The runway is in excellent condition as the cracks were repaired and the surface was slurry sealed in 2010. The runway will accommodate up to light bizjet and mid-size twin planes.

 Airport Users and Frequency:

The following are known facts on the airport usage and frequency.

a)      The Airport is used regularly by itinerant private aircraft as it is one of few airports with fuel readily available to those aircraft, especially those aircraft that do not like to enter busy airspace such as Saskatoon. Check the “Canadian Flight Supplement” for fuel contact numbers.

b)      The airport is regularly used by Government aircraft to transport officials to a central location from which they can then travel to communities such as Wynyard, Wadena,FoamLake,QuillLake, and so forth.

c)      The airport is used by crop spraying companies because of the quality runway and the availability of fuel. Regular use by crop sprayers can last for weeks at a time during the busy crop spraying season.

d)      Air Ambulance and the RCMP use the airport on a regular basis.

e)      American hunters use the airport during hunting season.

f)       Many private planes use the airport due to its location on the route betweenWinnipeg–Saskatoon–Edmonton.

g)      Local companies such as Lilydale Poultry, Big Quill Resources, and others use the airport on a periodic basis for business reasons.

Airport Contacts:

The WMA is jointly run by the Town of Wynyard and the RM of Big Quill No. 308. Contact the following for runway information and other information:

RM of Big Quill No. 303

Phone: (306) 554-2533

Fax: (306) 554-3935



Town of Wynyard

Phone: (306) 554-2123

Fax: (306) 554-3224