Town of Wynyard

Kinsmen Skatepark

The Wynyard Skatepark is located in Lions Park. The 4000 sq.ft park includes multiple grinding ledges, ramps and a half-pipe. For information on the design process and fundraising, visit the Wynyard Skatepark Project Facebook page.  Before you visit the park, please familiarize yourself with the Skatepark Rules and Skatepark Etiquette listed below.

The park is unsupervised. The Town of Wynyard is not responsible for loss, damage or injury from the use of the park. Use at your own risk.

Skate Park  – Covid-19 Restrictions

  • Ensure you stay 2 meters away from others
  • If you are unwell, stay home


Park hours: 8:00am – dusk

8:00 am – 10:00 am: recommended for children/youth and beginner skaters
10:00 am – dusk: Open to all

  1. Helmets and safety gear strongly recommended
  2. No glass containers
  3. No littering or graffiti
  4. No foul language or aggressive behavior
  5. No smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol
  6. No loud music
  7. No motorized vehicles
  8. Spectators welcome – off the park surface
  9. The skatepark is not a playground. To avoid injuries, anyone not skateboarding, scootering, biking or roller-blading should play elsewhere.
  10. Always be respectful of other users and the park

The park is unsupervised. The Town of Wynyard is not responsible for loss, damage or injury from the use of the park. Use at your own risk.

The Town has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying, foul language or aggressive behavior at any Town facility. If you are able to, go to the park or facility with your child and supervise their play. Youth are more likely to behave in a positive way when an adult is present.


We’re very fortunate to have the new outdoor concrete skatepark in Wynyard. The skatepark is free and open for anyone to use, provided they follow the rules.  However, there are a host of unwritten or informal rules which govern skateparks. This is called “skatepark etiquette”. Here are a few basic rules of skatepark etiquette that should be followed at every skatepark:

Flow refers to the directions people go in a park. Each park has a flow or “lines” comparable to traffic. You wouldn’t drive the wrong way down a one way street– don’t go against the flow. If you’re new to a park, take a few minutes to watch how people are using it so you can learn the flow.

If you’re a beginner, we suggest going to the skatepark at non-peak hours. Even better is learning how to push and balance before going to the skatepark. Learn the rules and etiquette of the skatepark. If you’re an experienced skater, give beginners extra room and time. Offer advice and remember – we were all beginners at one point.

Don’t sit in areas that can be used for skating. This includes ledges, stairs, rails, and coping.

No snaking
Everyone needs to wait their turn at a skatepark. “Snaking” means going when it’s not your turn. Don’t do this.

No marathon runs
A marathon run is where someone just keeps going and going without taking any breaks. This is particularly problematic when skating a bowl or ramp where there is typically only one user at a time. Keep runs short and when you are finished, get out of the way so the next person can go.

It’s gross when people spit. It’s also illegal. If you have to spit, do it in a garbage can.

Other users
Please be courteous of all users (skateboards, bikes, roller blades, scooters) and treat them with respect. The skatepark is not a playground. If you are not skateboarding, scootering, biking or roller-blading, play somewhere else.

Dirty Equipment
No muddy tires. Just got finished riding dirt jumps? Cool. Now wash your tires before coming into the park. Dirt and little pebbles are treacherous to skateboard and roller-blade wheels.

Every once in awhile, you’ll hear someone yell “Board!” at the skatepark. This is simply to signify that their board is either shot up in the air and could fall, or it got away from them while doing a trick. If this happens to you, be sure to yell board so it doesn’t hit someone else. Taking a skateboard to the head isn’t a pleasant experience.

Clean up After Yourself
Since the skatepark is a communal spot, be sure to take all of your trash with you instead of leaving it around the park. We want the skateparks to be a healthy, fun environment so we can keep them around. When the park has trash and litter everywhere, it makes it less appealing for skaters to go there. A good, stable rule is to leave an area cleaner than you found it. Trust me, everyone will be thanking you later!



Park Name Sponsor ($50,000 +)
Wynyard Kinsmen

Platinum Sponsors ($10,000.00-$49,000.00)
Richardson Pioneer
Wynyard Rec Risers
Margaret Melsted

Gold Sponsors ($2,000.00-$9,999.00)
Barb & Mike Coderre
Bolt Seed Farms
Gord Chorney
Gordon Burns
Krista & Marty Salter
Lou & Irene Coderre in memory of Barb &
Mike Coderre
Melsted Farms
SCL Welding
Scotia Bank
Southsiders Trail Club
Wynyard Co-op
Wynyard Kinettes
Wynyard Lioness

Silver Sponsors ($400.00-$1, 999.00)
Bank of Montreal
BroadGrain Commodities Inc.
Carla Karakochuk
Compass Minerals
Harrison Senft
Les Sather
Mark Tarry
Mel Solvason
Midway Ambulance
Prairie Pride
Rod Sveinbjornson
Romel Estanislao
The Wrecking Bar & Grill
Therese Eberts
Wynter Wynds
Wynyard Composite High School Teachers
Wynyard Credit Union
Wynyard Pharmacy
Wynyard Technologies

Bronze Sponsors ($100.00-$399.00)
Blackjack’s Collision & Auto Sales
Karey Gerber
Karrie Ann Prisiak
Ken Doidge
Crystal & Kris Klebeck
Paulette Thomson
Paulson & Ferraton
Peggy Shrader
Sienna, Triston Middleton & Scott McNabb