Town of Wynyard

Wynyard Trails System

The Wynyard Trails are open year-round (Swift Fox Trail is winter only) to non-motorized trail activities.  Walking, hiking, running, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc. are encouraged.  Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATV’s and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails. During winter, the trails are groomed regularly.

Pets are welcome on the Wynyard Trails. Please be sure to clean up after your pet.

Become a Member of the Wynyard Trail Club

Annual Membership Fees

Adult (18+) $20.00

Child (6-17 years) $15.00

Family (max 2 adults) $50.00

Tot (5 and under) FREE

Where do your membership fees go?

Membership fees pay for a variety of costs associated with the Wynyard Trail Club, including membership in provincial and national agencies such as Cross Country Saskatchewan ($15/person) and Saskatchewan Trails Association ($100 fee). As a member of these groups, our club gains access to valuable resources such as clinics and grant funding. As a member of the Wynyard Trail Club, you will receive first access to local clinics and events. You will have access to any equipment the club purchases. The Winter Trail Club Board will vote on how any funds obtained for the club are used.

Paper Birch Trail

Located at the Wynyard & District Regional Park 2.5 km south off the Yellow Head HWY along the 640 grid road.

This 1/2 km trail begins at the park entrance, winding up through the north area of the park. This trail offers meandering paths covered overhead by thick tree canopy.  In 1988, the paper birch was adopted as the official tree of Saskatchewan. This hardwood tree is found across the northern three-quarters of the province. Paper birch is often one of the first species to colonize a burned area within the northern latitudes and an important species for moose browse.

Prairie Lily Trail

Located at the Wynyard & District Regional Park 2.5 km south off the Yellow Head HWY along the 640 grid road.

This 3 km trail begins at the park entrance curving around the entire perimeter of the park. This trail boasts wide open spaces and breathtaking views of the surrounding farmland.  In 1941, the prairie lily was chosen as the official flower of Saskatchewan. This lily grows in moist meadows and semi-wooded areas. With its flaming red blossoms, it stands out brilliantly against a natural green background.

White-Tailed Deer Trail

Located at the Wynyard Coulee off Ave. B between 9th Street East and 10th Street East.

This 1/2 km trail runs the length of the Wynyard Coulee, located off Ave. B between 9th Street East and 10th Street East. With its generous tree cover and diverse foliage, this trail will make you forget you’re in town! Saskatchewan designated the white-tailed deer our official animal in 2001. Adults have a reddish- brown summer coat and a greyish-brown winter coat, with white underparts. The name comes from the white underside of the tail, which is raised like a flag when the deer is running or frightened. *This trail is not groomed in the winter*




















Swift Fox Trail*

Located at the Wynyard Golf Course, the parking lot entrance is located at Ave. D and Tesky Cres.

Named for the Swift Fox who lives here, this 2.5 km winter trail will take you through the scenic Wynyard Golf Course. Since 1983, captive bred foxes from Alberta and wild captured foxes from the United States have been released in Canada with varying degrees of success. The goal of the Swift Fox Recovery Team to have a viable, self-sustaining wild population by the year 2000 has been met as evidenced by the 2000-2001 census. With the help of the public, ranchers and other conservation groups, it is hoped that the swift fox will once again roam free on the Canadian prairies.

*Swift Fox Trail is open only in the Winter