Town of Wynyard


March 23, 2021

The Council for the Town of Wynyard is issuing Public Notice that they are considering selling a Town –owned property for less than market value and without a public offering. An offer to purchase a commercial property has been received for the following property also known as The Drop In Centre:

Lot 38, Block 10, Plan 99H08143

213 Bosworth Street


This public notice is issued as per Section 3.1(c) of Town of Wynyard Bylaw #03/06, otherwise known as the Public Notice Bylaw.

Council will be considering the proposed purchase of the listed property at the regularly scheduled Council meeting of April 6, 2021. The meeting is held in Council Chambers located at 435 Bosworth Street and begins at 7:00 PM.


Issued this 24th day of March, 2021

Jason Chorneyko – Chief Administrative Officer

Last modified: March 23, 2021