Town of Wynyard


February 22, 2021

Public Notice is hereby given that the Town of Wynyard will be increasing its water and sewer rates by three percent (3%) in each of the next three years comprising 2021-2023. In addition to the rate increases, Town Council has also authorized a $10 per billing period infrastructure/repair levy.

These water and sewer rate increases were passed by Bylaw #16/21 at the Regular Meeting of Town Council held on February 16, 2021. These rates are subject to approval by the Local Government Committee of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board pursuant to Section 23 of The Municipalities Act.

Water and sewer rates were unchanged from 2019 rates. In addition, Council is looking at making our utility service a more self-contained entity whereby the water and sewer rates charged will be used solely for water and sewer services and asset replacement.

Direct any questions to the Town Office at telephone number 554-2123.

Issued at the Town of Wynyard this 18th day of February, 2021.

Jason Chorneyko
Chief Administrative Officer

From Bylaw 16/21:

SECTION I:    Bi‑Monthly Water Rates:

1) Water Consumers in the Town of Wynyard:

2) Water Consumers who live outside the Town of Wynyard limits:

SECTION II:  Bi‑Monthly Sewer Service Charge:

SECTION III: Bi-Monthly Infrastructure/Repair Surcharge:

1) Ten Dollars ($10.00) will be charged on every bi-monthly utility invoice for the duration of this bylaw.

SECTION IV: Bulk Water Rates:

1)  The following rate shall be charged to persons obtaining water from the coin operated pipe stand located at the Town Shop at 315 Avenue A West:

a) $0.25 per 40 gallons of water.

Last modified: February 23, 2021