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Meet the Candidates for Wynyard Town Council

November 5, 2020

Jason Bartoshewski:

This is the first time that Jason Bartoshewski has run in a Municipal Election. Why did he decide to throw his hat into the ring?

“I feel it is important to have fresh voices in any leadership group,” said Bartoshewski.

The 48-year-old Bartoshewski grew up in Wynyard, and has worked for Sofina Foods for 27 years. He is the plant manager for the poultry-processing facility that employs 200 workers.

Bartoshewski had left Wynyard to obtain an education and find work, but moved back to the community in 2000. Married to his wife, Sharon, for 13 years, Bartoshewski is the father of three grown children: Devon, Justin, and Julie.

If elected, Bartoshewski hopes to play a role in Wynyard’s growth.

“I have spent the majority of my life in this community, and want to ensure it thrives, and continues to attract young families to start their lives here,” he said.

When asked what issues are important to him as a candidate for councillor, Bartoshewski said he is not running an issue-based campaign.

“I did not run with an agenda. I just wanted to help Council make decisions that are beneficial to the whole community, while still being fiscally responsible,” he said.

Bartoshewski has spent 17 years volunteering for the Wynyard Fire Department, and was a member of the Kinsmen Club and the Knights of Columbus.

Tracy Jordan:

Tracy Jordan is a veteran councillor, who has already served two terms.

“I decided to run again because I really enjoy it, and like being involved with the decisions that hopefully make our community a better place to live,” said Jordan.

The 48-year-old mother of three grown children – Kelsey, Braden and Ethan – has been married to her husband, Greg, for 25 years.

Jordan currently works two jobs. For the past three years has been a food service worker at the Wynyard Integrated Facility, and has spent seven years as the office manager for the Wynyard Advance Gazette.

Jordan hopes voters will reelect her, as she wants to continue her work on Council.

“I’ve learnt a lot over the last eight years, and still have a lot to learn. I want the residents to know that they can approach me with any concerns they may have. I love being involved with my community, and want to make Wynyard a place where people want to call home,” she said.

Jordan in interested in helping the town continue its work of cleaning up dilapidated properties, and hopes to create more opportunities to recycle.

“I’d like to see what more can be done to cut down on waste going to the landfill like repurposing, recycling options, etc,” she said.

Jordan is an active volunteer, working with the Wynyard Rec Risers, Wynyard Curling Club, Wynyard Minor Ball, Carnival Committee, and the Chase the Ace committee. She is also a former Wynyard Citizen of the Year.

Jerome Karakochuk:

Jerome Karakochuk has served one term on Town Council, by the 63-year-old has spent far more time at local Council meetings than anyone else. He attended meetings as the town superintendent for 22 years, before spending the last four years as councillor.

Karakochuk has lived in Wynyard for the past 40 years. He worked for the town for 37 years, before retiring in 2015. Karakochuk and his wife, Laurinda, have three children: Dana, Jevon and Cait.

Not surprisingly, the former town superintendent said a key issue for him in this election is improving the community’s infrastructure.

“Wynyard has a strong infrastructure, and it is important to maintain this with projects, such as street maintenance-paving and recapping, sidewalk repairs or replacement, water well upgrades, and cast iron water main replacement. I feel my experience and knowledge in these areas would benefit the Council and the Town of Wynyard,” he said.

Over the years, Karakochuk has volunteered extensively with the Kinsmen, Cadets, Legion and he coached Minor Hockey.

“Wynyard has an amazing amount of volunteers, along with all the service groups. Some that come to mind are the Skate Park, arena, Wi-Fi, Morning Glory Gardeners, and dog park committees, just to name a few. It is important that council work with volunteers and projects to improve our community,” said Karakochuk.

As the election approaches, Karakochuk urges voters to elect representatives who will listen to their concerns.

“I feel I am approachable, and encourage people to phone members of council with their concerns, ideas, and feedback. Councillors are there to represent you. Every voice is important. And please come out to vote!” he said.

Greg Kostyk:

I live in Wynyard and have been a very active member of the Wynyard community.

I have been involved in many areas of the community, including being the president of the Wynyard School of Dance Club, coaching hockey and baseball, sitting on the board of the Community Health Clinic, volunteering as a member of the Wynyard Fire Association, serving as Town Councillor and as a local business owner.

I am looking for your vote in the upcoming Municipal Election for councillor.


Clint McConnell:

This is the first time Clint McConnell has run for election, but he is very familiar with the inner workings of Wynyard Town Council, having formerly served as the recreation director.

“I understand the role of a member of Council is substantially different than the role of the staff, and I would be interested in learning and contributing, this time, as a member of Council,” said McConnell.

The 43-year-old McConnell has been married to his wife, Cathy, for the past decade. They have an eight-year-old son, Cass.

For the past nine years, McConnell has worked for the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association as a recreation consultant.

McConnell is hoping to be elected so he can help improve the community.

“I am interested in working with the others around the Council table to make decisions that we, as a group, feel are best for the community… I would like to be a part of the team that is responsible with taxpayer’s money, as we continue to maintain, and improve, the Town of Wynyard’s infrastructure and programs, and look for creative and unique methods, programs and partnerships to improve them,” he said.

An active volunteer, McConnell currently serves as the chairperson of the Wynyard KidSport Committee, and has filled many different roles with the Wynyard Wynter Wynds Drama Club.

McConnell urges Wynyard residents to head to the polls on election day.

“A Municipal Government can directly impact your life, more than other level of government. Whether you think, I would be a good representative on the Wynyard Town Council, or you think I shouldn’t be anywhere near the Council table, I humbly ask that you take some time on November 9 to vote,” he said.

Lawrence Robutka:

Lawrence Robutka is seeking election so he can work with community members and councillors for the betterment of Wynyard.

“I want to work with the people in town, plus the councillors; everybody cooperates together, and everybody gets along,” he said.

Robutka is the 69-year-old father of two grown children, and the proud grandfather of a four-year-old boy. He has been married to his wife, Diane, for 48 years

The jack-of-all-trades does yardwork in the summer, and then hires out to do snow removal in the winter.

There are several issues that Robutka wants tackle, if elected. He wants to ensure prompt snow removal on the main thoroughfares of Bosworth Street and Avenue B.

Robutka also wants the town to start a lottery that would raise funds for the arena and other worthy causes. He also feels it is important to keep people safe during the pandemic.

“Everybody should be wearing a mask in all of the stores. When you go to restaurants and stores and hotels and the grocery store, everybody should be wearing one, because the virus is getting out of hand, and people are taking it for granted,” he said.

Robutka would also like to cancel the bylaw enforcement services provided the Commissionaire.

“The people have to step up to the plate. If I happen to get in as councillor, the money should go to the rink, and forget about the Commissionaire. People have to work together to keep the streets neat and tidy,” said Robutka.

Fern Swinburnson:

Fern Swinburnson has served as councillor for the past eight years. She would like to remain on Council, because she wants to learn more about municipal politics.

“I have learnt so much during my past two terms, and want to continue to learn, and make our community a great place to live in,” she said.

According to Swinburnson, her strength as a councillor is rooted in her strong community activism.

“I’m a strong community-minded person, and believe we should all work together to make it a great place to live for all ages,” she said.

If Swinburnson is elected, she would like to push for the bylaws to be changed so municipalities can get unsightly yards cleaned up faster.

She also hopes the water and sewer infrastructure can be updated (if grants can be obtained), and wants to encourage Wynyard residents to do “more recycling, so our landfill has a longer life.”

The 58-year-old Swinburnson has been married to her husband, Tim, for 38 years, and the couple has three grown children: Aimee Grimson, Tim Jr, and Devyn, as well as five grandchildren.

Swinburnson has spent the past decade working at the Wynyard Integrated Facility in the dietary and activity departments.

“I find it rewarding working with seniors,” she said.

A former Citizen of the Year, Swinburnson remains an active volunteer. She is a 34-year member of the Lioness Club, and volunteers for the museum, and Rec Risers. She also helped out with the Food Bank, WCHS school board, and Wynyard Centennial Committee.

Swinburnson wants to encourage more women to consider running for Municipal Elections in the future.

“We need more women on Council. They have great ideas, and bring a different perspective to the table,” she said.


Photos and content courtesy of the Advance Gazette.

Last modified: November 5, 2020