Town of Wynyard

Cornerstone Credit Union $100,000 Donation

January 29, 2015


Front row left to right: Ted Czarnecki (Town of Wynyard Mayor), Lisa Ewen (Cornerstone), Lou Coderre (Over Time Campaign co-chair). Back row: Joy Perry, Lori Donahue, Jason Chorneyko (Town of Wynyard CAO), Janice Davis, Trezlie Karakochuk, Michelle Bartoshewski, Sally Hood, Cheryl Straker, Judy
Anderson, Fern Hall Photo credit: Denis Mozel, Wynyard Advance

Cornerstone Credit Union has announced a major donation to the Wynyard Over Time campaign. $100,000 is being donated to the campaign which will support the sports complex project.

Lori Walsh, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Solutions at Cornerstone, says “Cornerstone is committed to helping our communities thrive and prosper. This unique opportunity to partner with the Town of Wynyard is really important to us and we’re very excited to help out with such a worthwhile project that will benefit residents of Wynyard and area for many years to come.”

Along with the financial contribution, Cornerstone has offered to help at fundraising events for the sports complex. Wynyard Managers Lisa Ewen and Fern Hall say staff are interested in becoming more involved with the campaign.

“We are looking forward to being an active part of the campaign,” says Ewen. “Giving our time and energy as a staff is just as important to us as providing funding. We want to help in whatever way we can.”

“Our Cornerstone Volunteer Program encourages staff to volunteer in their own communities and the program is growing each year. Our vision is to create opportunities and possibilities for the people who live in our community. We feel we can best achieve that by working together,” Hall added.

Thank you Cornerstone Credit Union!

Last modified: January 29, 2015