Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – NOVEMBER 15, 2012

November 19, 2012

Call to Order:

Mayor Czarnecki called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

#771/12 Minutes:

Swinburnson – that we adopt the minutes of the previous meeting of November 1, 2012 as circulated.

#772/12 Lottery Licence Applications:

Kucey – that we approve the following Lottery Licence Applications:

#19/12 Golden Acres Activity Dept. – Bridget Wedhorn – Raffle – $5
#20/12 Wynyard Monarchs – Warren Lorenz – Raffle – $5

#773/12 Business Licence Applications:

Boylak – that we approve the following Business Licence Applications:

#88/12 Normandu Roofing – Roofing – $100 (Chq. to Follow)
#89/12 Ray Bashutsky – Jobber – $50


Delegation: RCMP – Sgt. Terry Posnikoff: 7:06-7:24 p.m. Police Report for October, 2012.

#774/12 RCMP Report:

Prystai – that we receive the Police Report as presented by Sgt. Posnikoff.


#775/12 Civic Centre Lighting Upgrades:

Babey – that we proceed with upgrading the lighting in the Civic Centre as proposed in the 2012 budget.


#776/12 Wynyard Arts Council:

Boylak – that we agree to lease the piano from the Wynyard Arts Council for $1 per year and include the piano in the Town of Wynyard’s insurance policy.


#777/12 Scotiabank GIC:

Prystai – that we renew our Scotiabank GIC for a 6-month non-redeemable term at a rate of 1.37%.


#778/12 Tax Enforcement:

Czarnecki – that we remove Roll #505116700 from the Tax Enforcement List as sufficient taxes have been paid.


#779/12 Tax Enforcement:

Prystai – that we proceed for title by issuing a six month notice to the property owner of Roll #505108400.


#780/12 Tax Payment Discount:

Babey – that, due to a notification error, we honor the 6% discount on the tax payment for Roll #505051500.


#781/12 Chorneyko’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko’s report as presented.


Mayor Czarnecki halts the Council Meeting and we proceed to a Public Meeting – 8:02 p.m.
– no submissions or speakers on Bylaw #19/12
Mayor Czarnecki calls the Council Meeting back to order – 8:03 p.m.

#782/12 Bylaw #19/12:

Czarnecki – that Bylaw #19/12, a bylaw to amend Bylaw #58/11 Known as the Town of Wynyard Official Community Plan, be read for a second time.


#783/12 Bylaw #19/12:

Boylak – that we proceed with the third reading of Bylaw #19/12.


#784/12 Bylaw #19/12:

Kucey – that Bylaw #19/12 be read for a third time, adopted and attached hereto.


#785/12 Snow Removal:

Boylak – that we hire Williams & Son Excavating for additional snow removal services.


#786/12 Karakochuk’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Town Superintendent Karakochuk’s report as presented.


#787/12 Town Reservoirs Clean-up:

Kucey – that, as recommended by Water Works Foreman Morrow, we approve booking Scranton Robotics to clean our three Town reservoirs and refer this amount to the 2013 budget.


#788/12 Morrow’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Water Works Foreman Morrow’s report as presented.


#789/12 Sportsgrounds Grass Cutting:

Jordan – that, in regards to Resolution #531/12, we send the Pee-Wee Minor Ball coaches the letter regarding the procedure for cutting grass at the Sportsgrounds and that we attach the Sportsgrounds Policy for their reference.


#798/12 Curling Rink Ceiling:

Jordan– that we authorize the Director of Leisure Services to purchase and install white poly sheets onto the ceiling of the Curling Rink in preparation for the grand reopening.


#799/12 Saskatchewan Curling Association:

Babey – that, as recommended by the Director of Leisure Services, we purchase a membership in the Saskatchewan Curling Association at a cost of $600.


#800/12 Town of Wynyard Website Advertising:

Boylak – that we refer the issue of advertising on the Town of Wynyard website to the General Government Committee.


#801/12 After School “Free for All” Program:

Boylak – that we refer funding the After School “Free for All” Program to the General Government Committee.


#802/12 Stefanovic’s Report:

Jordan – that we receive Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic’s report as presented.


#803/12 SaskPower Reconstruct on Lot 7, Block H, Plan G143:

Kucey – that we approve the SaskPower plan to set a new power pole near Lot 7, Block H, Plan G143.


#804/12 Century Crescent Subdivision:

Kucey – that we authorize full payment for the additional berm construction at Century Crescent in the amount of $5,135.

#805/12 Federation of Canadian Municipalities:

Prystai – that we approve the payment of the 2013 Federation of Canadian Municipalities membership in the amount of $450.30.


#806/12 Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association:

Boylak – that we authorize all of Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Town Superintendent to attend the 2013 SUMA Convention.


#807/12 Receive Correspondence:

Kucey – that we receive and file the correspondence as per the list attached hereto.


#808/12 ADVOCO Proposal:

Swinburnson – that we table the ADVOCO proposal to offer a Council Orientation and Strategic Planning session and review it at a later date.


#809/12 General Government Committee:

Jordan – that we receive the General Government Committee Report as presented by
Councillor Swinburnson.


#810/12 Jordan’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive the Recreation & Culture Report as presented by Councillor Jordan.


#811/12 Babey’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive the Environment & Health Report as presented by Councillor Babey.


#812/12 Boylak’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive the Public Works Report as presented by Councillor Boylak.


#813/12 2013 New Year’s Levee:

Babey – that we authorize Mayor Czarnecki to hold the Annual New Year’s Levee.


#814/12 40thAnniversary of the Twinning between the Town of Wynyard & Martres de Veyre:

Boylak – that we authorize the Mayor to hold a recognition tea, or similar function, on December 9, 2012 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the twinning between the Town of Wynyard and Martres deVeyre.


#815/12 Meeting Extension:

Boylak – that we extend the Council Meeting past 10:30 PM.


#816/12 Wynyard Housing Authority:

Czarnecki – that we nominate Audrey Czarnecki to the Board of the Wynyard Housing


#817/12 Wynyard Housing Authority:

Babey – that nominations to the Board of the Wynyard Housing Authority cease.


#818/12 Wynyard Housing Authority:

Boylak – that we renew the appointments of Mike Lalach, Chairperson; Joe Wasylynka, Vice-Chair; Pat Stewart, Secretary; Audrey Shepherd, Director; and the vacant position to be filled by newly nominated Audrey Czarnecki.


#819/12 Mayor’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Mayor Czarnecki’s report as presented.


#820/12 Reports:

Swinburnson – that we receive the following Council Reports as presented:

1) Complaints/Comments Report to November 15, 2012
2) Bank Reconciliation to October 31, 2012.

Councillor Boylak declares pecuniary interest and leaves Council Chambers.

#821/12 Vouchers:

Swinburnson – that the following vouchers be approved for payment as recommended by the General Government Committee of Mayor Czarnecki and Councillors Swinburnson, Jordan and Prystai

General Vouchers #794 to #839 = $139,950.25
Visa Auto Withdraw J.E. #10/12 = $ 933.93

Payroll Vouchers #588 to #609 = $ 18,496.24

Councillor Boylak returns to Council Chambers.

#822/12 Appointments to Boards, Commissions & Committees:

Jordan – that we approve the appointments to Boards, Commissions & Committees as per the list attached hereto.


#823/12 Adjourn:

Kucey – that we adjourn the meeting (11:05 PM).

Last modified: November 19, 2012