Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – NOVEMBER 1, 2012

November 6, 2012

Call to Order:

Mayor Czarnecki called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

#738/12 Minutes:

Kucey – that we adopt the minutes of the previous meeting of October 18, 2012 as circulated.

#739/12 Lottery Licence Applications:

Boylak – that we approve the following Lottery Licence Applications:

#16/12 RWDSU – Jodie Bachynski – Raffle – $5

#17/12 Golden Acres Auxiliary – Elaine Greenshields – Raffle – $5

#18/12 Rustriders Car Club – Sandra Brakefield – Raffle – $5

#740/12 Business Licence Applications:

Babey – that we approve the following Business Licence Applications:

#86/12 Enercon Insulators Ltd. – Insulation Installation – $100

#87/12 Waultten Mechanical – Plumbing – $100

#741/12 Council Meeting Start Time:

Czarnecki – that we update our policy to change the Council meeting start time to 7:05 PM effective the November 15, 2012 Council meeting.

#742/12 Council Portfolios:

Czarnecki – that we approve the Council portfolios as per the list attached hereto.

#743/12 Mayor’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Mayor Czarnecki’s report as presented.

#744/12 Signing Authority:

Czarnecki – that, as per Section 115(5) of The Municipalities Act we assign signing authority to one of Mayor Czarnecki or Councillor Swinburnson, and one of Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko or Assistant to the Administrator Jody Jordan.

#745/12 Interim Signing Authority:

Boylak – that we authorize Paul Lendzyk to have signing authority until new signing authority is established as per Resolution #744/12.

#746/12 Shop Vac:

Jordan – that we authorize the purchase of a shop vacuum for the Civic Centre in the amount of $100 plus taxes.

#747/12 Reduced Rental Rate of Facility for Bridge Road Developments:

Czarnecki – that we authorize giving the Civic Centre reduced rental rate of $110 plus GST to Bridge Road Developments for their sod turning ceremony being held on November 20, 2012.

#748/12 Utility Bill Adjustment:

Babey – that, in addition to the Town’s policy on water and sewer rate refunds, we further reduce the amount of the utility bill for Account #781 by 50%.

#749/12 Water Refund Policy:

Boylak – that we refer the issue of reviewing the Town’s Water Refund Policy to the Public Works Committee.

#750/12 Water Main Flushing:

Kucey – that we advertise in the Wynyard Advance/Gazette that we will be conducting water main flushing on November 10, 2012

#751/12 Land Sale Inquiry:

Czarnecki – that, as recommended by the Town Superintendent, we reject the offer to sell all or part of Lot 17, Block D, Plan BF2893 as it is a drainage lot.

#752/12 Temporary Road Closure:

Boylak – that we temporarily close 4th Street East, from the Service Road to the south edge of the Town boundary, to facilitate the water and sewer main construction that is currently underway.

#753/12 Town of Wynyard Telephone Contact Cards:

Kucey – that we purchase 2,100 Town of Wynyard telephone contact cards updated with the new Council information.

#754/12 Chorneyko’s Report:

Jordan – that we receive Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko’s report as presented.

#755/12 Karakochuk’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive Town Superintendent Karakochuk’s report as presented.

#756/12 Full-Time Public Works Employee:

Kucey – that, as recommended by Water Works Foreman Morrow, we hire Jevon Karakochuk as a full-time public works employee.

#757/12 Morrow’s Report:

Babey – that we receive Water Works Foreman Morrow’s report as presented.

#758/12 Curling Level 1 Ice Technician Workshop:

Jordan – that we authorize Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic to attend the Curling Level 1 Ice Technician Workshop in Carlyle, November 17 and 18, 2012 at a cost of $115 plus expenses.

#759/12 PVC Welded Liner for Swimming Pool:

Czarnecki – that we approve the purchase of a PVC welded liner for the swimming pool at a cost of $65,102.29 plus GST, and that we account for it in the 2013 Budget.

#760/12 Rec-Media Partnership:

Jordan – that, as recommended by the Director of Leisure Services, we enter into an agreement to partner with Rec-Media to attract more arena advertising revenue.

#761/12 Wynyard Memorial Arena Lights:

Jordan – that we replace six lights in the Wynyard Memorial Arena’s lobby washrooms and skating room at a cost of up to $3,000.

#762/12 Community Events Permit:

Jordan – that we authorize a Community Events Permit to the Brewer’s Hockey Club for the Commercial Hockey Tournament as follows:

Friday, November 30, 2012 – 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Saturday, December 1, 2012 – 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Sunday, December 2, 2012 – 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

#763/12 Stefanovic’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic’s report as presented.

#764/12 Advoco Consulting Ltd.:

Boylak – that we refer the Advoco Consulting Ltd. Letter to the General Government Committee.

#765/12 Sask Power Service:

Boylak – that we approve SaskPower’s plan to service the seven lot subdivision located on 10th Street East and Bergmann Avenue and authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to sign the document.

#766/12 Receive Correspondence:

Kucey – that we receive and file the correspondence as per the list attached hereto.

#767/12 Reports:

Kucey – that we receive the following Council Reports:

1) Complaints/Comments Report to November 1, 2012

2) Bank Reconciliation to September 30, 2012.

Councillor Boylak declares pecuniary interest and leaves Council Chambers.

#768/12 Vouchers:

Babey – that the following vouchers be approved for payment as recommended by Council

General Vouchers #752 to #793 = $54,702.73

Payroll Vouchers #566 to #587 = $ 19,078.59

Councillor Boylak returns to Council Chambers.

#769/12 Bylaw #20/12:

Boylak – that Bylaw #20/12, a Bylaw to amend Bylaw #328/84 known as The Zoning Bylaw, be introduced and read for the first time.

#770/12 Adjourn:

Kucey – that we adjourn the meeting (10:15 PM).

Last modified: November 6, 2012