Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – JULY 21, 2017

July 25, 2017

Call to Order:

Mayor Boylak called the meeting to order at 6:57 PM.

#557/17 New Arena Project:

Prystai – that we authorize CAO Chorneyko and Director of Leisure Services Hoytfox, in conjunction with PMGM Architecture, to contact the companies which provided the lowest three tenders on the New Arena Project in order to come up with ideas to reduce the cost of the facility.

#558/17 Landfill Monitoring Wells:

Prystai – that we approve installing three monitoring wells south of the landfill as per the proposal put forth by P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd. at a cost of $6,440.


#559/17 Temporary Landfill Closure:

Swinburnson – that, effective immediately, we temporarily close our landfill to the public due to an impending order from our Environmental Protection Officer to switch our landfill to a transfer station and that we give public notice regarding the closure.


#560/17 Transfer Station:

Prystai – that we authorize expenditures to set up a transfer station at our landfill including costs to haul the waste to an outside landfill based on the best cost estimate received.


#556/17 Adjourn:

Kucey– that we adjourn the meeting. (8:10 P.M).


Last modified: July 25, 2017