Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – JULY 18, 2013

July 23, 2013

Call to Order:

Mayor Czarnecki called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

#451/13 Minutes:

Swinburnson – that we adopt the minutes of the previous meeting of June 20, 2013 as circulated.

Delegation: Wayne Nogier, Administrator, Wynyard Integrated Hospital Facility –
(7:06 p.m. -7:26 p.m.)

Delegation: RCMP – Sgt. Terry Posnikoff (7:26 p.m. – 7:47 p.m.)

#452/13 Police Report:

Prystai – that we receive the RCMP Report as presented by Sgt. Terry Posnikoff.


#453/13 Lottery Licence Applications:

Boylak – that we approve the following lottery licence applications:

#10/13 Swim for Life – Jamie Lalach – Raffle – $25


#454/13 Building Permit Applications:

Jordan – that we approve the following building permit applications as per the approval of the Building Inspector:

#18/13 Duane Guina – House Renovation/Garage/Shed – 750 Avenue B West – $1,008.43
#19/13 Kelsey Jones – Demolish Deck – 210 – 7th Street East – $5
#20/13 Kelsey Jones – Construct Deck – 210 – 7th Street East – $25
#21/13 Darren 7 Arlene Wheeler – Construct Deck – 406 – 3rd Street East – $24
#24/13 Wayne & Carla Karakochuk – Reconstruct Deck – 115-10th Street East – $25


#455/13 Business Licence Applications:

Swinburnson – that we approve the following Business Licence Applications:

#76/13 Renegade Roofing – Nathan Weisgerber – Construction – $100
#77/13 Ferster Trucking Inc. – Fruit Truck Sales (Transient) – $250


Councillor Boylak declares pecuniary interest and leaves Council Chambers (7:50 PM).

#456/13 Vouchers:

Jordan – that the following vouchers be approved for payment as recommended by the General Government Committee of Mayor Czarnecki and Councillors Jordan, Swinburnson and Prystai:

General Vouchers #432 to #474 = $ 93,790.94
#475 to #522 = $162,185.05

Visa Auto Withdraw J.E. #6/13 = $ 1,107.48

Payroll Vouchers #259 to #293 = $ 32,139.69
#294 to #328 = $ 33,683.66
Councillor Boylak returns to Council Chambers (7:52 PM)

#447/13 Amalgamation:

Czarnecki – that we proceed with the amalgamation of all or part of NW 22-32-16-W2, including NW 22-32-16-W2, Extension 41 and Block B, Plan 68H07043, into the Town limits.

#448/13 Lot 24 & 25, Block 2, Plan 99H08143:

Boylak – that we enter an agreement to rent Lot 24 & 25, Block 2, Plan 99H08143 to Wynyard Home Building Centre at a rate of $100 per month.


#449/13 Copier Equipment:

Prystai– that we purchase a color copier from Pitney Bowes at a cost of $9,300 plus taxes.


#450/13 Property Tax Tool Report:

Czarnecki – that we approve the Property Tax Tool Report, as presented by CAO Chorneyko, and submit it to the Ministry of Government Relations.


#451/13 Local Library Board:

Jordan – that, as recommended, we appoint Chris Pasternak to the Local Library Board.


#452/13 Water Bill Charge:

Czarnecki – that we reverse the late payment fees on water account #4950.


#453/13 SaskPower Building:

Prystai – that we approve the request by SaskPower to drill fourteen test holes as a continuation of their environmental assessment for their property located on Avenue B West.

#454/13 Tax Enforcement:

Swinburnson – that we proceed for title on the seven properties under tax enforcement, whose properties had tax liens placed on them, as per the Tax Enforcement Act.


#455/13 Water Account Bill Reduction:

Prystai – that we reduce the water bill by 50% for Account #1871.


#456/13 Block Q:

Boylak – that we pay to install water and sewer service to Block Q, Plan 102105649.


#457/13 New Co-op Store:

Swinburnson – that we allow Dun Mac Contracting to set up a safety fence on the Service Road in conjunction with the construction on Lot 1, Block B, Plan BL6143.


#458/13 Sidewalk Repair Issues:

Czarnecki – that we authorize sidewalk repairs at Lot 13, Block 9, Plan Q7104 and at Lot 7, Block 17, Plan C2980.


#459/13 Sidewalk Repair Issue:

Boylak – that we authorize sidewalk repair at Lot 5, block 9, Plan G92.


#460/13 Chorneyko’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko’s report as presented.


#461/13 Reports:

Babey – that we receive the following Council Reports:

a) Complaints/Comments Report
b) Financial Statement to June 30, 2013

#462/13 Swimming Pools Filtration Systems:

Czarnecki – that we proceed in removing poplar and elm trees in proximity to the swimming pools to prevent poplar fuzz and elm seeds from infiltrating the pool’s filter systems.


#463/13 Morrow’s Report:

Babey – that we receive Water Works Foreman Terry Morrow’s report as presented.


#464/13 Dutch Elm Disease Survey:

Swinburnson – that we authorize BioForest to conduct a Dutch Elm Disease survey at a cost of $1,040 plus GST.

#465/13 DCG Philanthropic Services Inc.

Boylak – that we table the DCG arena fundraising proposal to the next meeting.


#466/13 Regional Park Bridge:

Prystai – that we approve the SCL Welding quote to build a new bridge at the Regional Park, subject to compliance with Oceans and Fisheries regulations, at a cost ranging from $4,600 to $5,200.

#467/13 Regional Park Woodshed:

Czarnecki – that we authorize rebuilding the woodshed at the Regional Park.


#468/13 Wynyard Primary Health Care Team:

Jordan – that we approve, in theory, the Wynyard Primary Health Care team’s request to offer once per month free swimming.


#469/13 Wynyard Swimming Pool Wages:

Boylak – that we approve the updated pool wages as follows:

– Bronze Cross – $12.00/hour
– Bronze Cross + WSI – $12.25/hour
– NLS no WSI – $12.50/hour
– NLS + WSI – $13.00/hour


#470/13 Wynyard Farmer’s Market:

Prystai – that, as requested by the Wynyard Primary Health Care Team, we approve conducting Farmer’s Markets in the Civic Centre parking lot, and the Wynyard Memorial Arena during inclement weather, for the summer months.


#471/13 Stefanovic’s Report:

Jordan – that we receive Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic’s report as presented by Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko.


#472/13 Lot 15, Block G, Plan 102116595:

Babey – that we accept Brian Brakefield’s offer to purchase Lot 15, Block G, Plan 102116595 at a price of $5,600 plus taxes and the appropriate share of legal fees.


#473/13 Street Construction Upgrade:

Czarnecki – that we refer the Catterall & Wright street construction upgrade cost estimates, to upgrade Rotzien Avenue and Greer Street, to the Public Works Committee.


#474/13 Receive Correspondence:

Jordan – that we receive and file the correspondence as per the list attached hereto.


#475/13 Mayor’s Report:

Czarnecki – that we receive Mayor Czarnecki’s report as presented.


#476/13 Town of Wynyard Nuisance Bylaw:

Boylak – that we instruct the Chief Administrative Officer to issue orders to clean up various properties as per the Town of Wynyard Nuisance Bylaw.


#477/13 Boylak’s Report:

Prystai – that we receive the Transportation report as presented by Councillor Boylak.


#478/13 Babey’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive the Environment & Health report as presented by Councillor Babey.


#479/13 Meeting Extension:

Prystai – that, as per policy, we extend the Council meeting past 10:30 p.m.


#480/13 Adjourn:

Meeting adjourned as per policy. (10:54 PM).

Last modified: July 23, 2013