Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – JANUARY 3, 2013

January 9, 2013

Call to Order:

Mayor Czarnecki called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Introduction of New Youth Representative Jenna Townsend

#1/13 Minutes:

Kucey – that we adopt the minutes of the previous meeting of December 20, 2012 as circulated.

#2/13 Business Licence Applications:

Boylak – that we approve the following Business Licence Applications:

#89/12 Ray Bashutsky – Jobber – $50
#90/12 Michael Jackson – Contractor – $90
#1/13 Interior Décor/Keith Broad – Contractor – $90
#2/13 TLF Dirtworx Inc/Kristjan Thordarson – Excavating – $90
#3/13 Marilyn Moore – Seamstress – $45


#3/13 Scotia McLeod – Discretionary Fund Management:

Czarnecki – that we refer the Scotia McLeod Discretionary Fund Management services proposal to the General Government Committee.

#4/13 Tax Enforcement:

Babey – that we remove Roll #505102900, Roll #505018750, Roll #505103500, and Roll #505155001 from the Tax Enforcement List as sufficient taxes have been paid.


#5/13 Tax Enforcement:

Swinburnson – that we proceed with the tax enforcement process by placing a tax lien on the eleven properties remaining on the Tax Enforcement List.


#6/13 Bonding Information:

Prystai – that, as required by Section 113 of The Municipalities Act, we acknowledge receipt of the Chief Administrative Officer’s bonding information for 2013.


#7/13 Borrowing Bylaw:

Babey– that we instruct the Chief Administrative Officer to create a Borrowing Bylaw for 2013 and to give proper notice of that bylaw.


#8/13 Chorneyko’s Report:

Prystai – that we receive Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko’s report as presented.


#9/13 Karakochuk’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Town Superintendent Karakochuk’s report as presented.


#10/13 Receive Correspondence:

Kucey – that we receive and file the correspondence as per the list attached hereto.


#11/13 Wage & Salary Guideline:

Prystai – that we approve the 2013 Wage & Salary Guideline as per the list attached hereto.


#12/13 LED Ad Rates:

Jordan – that we approve the LED ad rates as recommended by Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic.


#13/13 Mayor’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Mayor Czarnecki’s report as presented.


#14/13 Boylak’s Report:

Babey – that we receive the Public Works report as presented by Councillor Boylak.


#15/13 Babey’ s Report:

Jordan – that we receive the Environment & Health report as presented by Councillor Babey.


#16/13 Jordan’s Report:

Prystai – that we receive the Recreation report as presented by Councillor Jordan.


#17/13 Prystai’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive the Protection Report as presented by Councillor Prystai.


#18/13 Reports:

Swinburnson– that we receive the Complaints/Comments Report to January 3, 2013 as presented.


#19/13 Vouchers:

Swinburnson – that the following vouchers be approved for payment as recommended by the General Government Committee of Mayor Czarnecki and Councillors Swinburnson, Jordan and Prystai

General Vouchers #962 to #988 = $ 7,449.00
#989 to#101 = $ 45,239.22
#1 to #15 = $ 21,544.48

Payroll Vouchers #667 to #687 = $ 19,620.21


#20/13 Adjourn:

Prystai – that we adjourn the meeting (8:47 PM).

Last modified: January 9, 2013