Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – DECEMBER 1, 2020

December 17, 2020



      Council:                                                   Other:

      Mayor Albert Boylak                                Chief Administrative Officer Jason Chorneyko

Councillor Tracy Jordan                                Town Superintendent Corey Reid

Councillor Fern Swinburnson                   Director of Leisure Services Sigourney Anderson

      Councillor Jerome Karakochuk

Councillor Greg Kostyk                           Other:

Councillor Jason Bartoshewski

Councillor Clint McConnell



Call to Order:


Mayor Boylak called the meeting to order at 6:59 PM.


#588/20 Minutes:


Swinburnson – that we adopt the minutes of the previous regular meeting of November 17, 2020 as circulated.


#589/20 Vouchers:


Karakochuk – that we approve the following voucher for payment as recommended by the                                                 General Government Committee of Mayor Boylak and Councillors Swinburnson, Kostyk and McConnell and attached hereto:


General Vouchers:

#7475  (Manual)                                              = $  47,175.00

#7500 to #7532                                                = $  64,813.67


EFT – Brand Tractor                                        =$     2,525.89

  • Redhead Equipment               =$     2,438.95
  • Scotiabank Visa               =$        04


Payroll Vouchers:

#7476 to #7499                                               = $   28,003.82




#590/20 Business Licence Applications:


Jordan – that we approve the following Business Licence Application(s):


#63/20 Jackie Babey – Perogy/Cabbage Roll Sales – $45


#591/20 Tax Enforcement List:


Karakochuk – that, as all tax arrears are paid, we remove Roll #505002700 and Roll #505012650 from the Tax Enforcement List.


#592/20 Tax Enforcement List:


Karakochuk – that, as recommended by CAO Chorneyko, we remove Roll #505136500 from the Tax Enforcement List.



#593/20 Fixed Farmland Assessment Agreement:


Karakochuk – that we instruct CAO Chorneyko to create a bylaw to enter into a Fixed Farmland Assessment Agreement with the two poultry barn properties located within the borders of the Town of Wynyard.


#594/20 Pepsico Electronic Invoice Payment:


Swinburnson – that we authorize entering into an automatic electronic payment agreement with Pepsico/Frito-Lay Canada invoices received at our facilities, subject to trying to establish a charge account with the company.



#595/20 Martres-de Veyre Wreath:


Jordan – that we authorize Jacquie Ferraton to purchase a wreath on behalf of the Town of Wynyard, at a cost of approximately $140, to be laid at our twinned community of Martres-de-Veyre, France for their war memorial ceremony.



#596/20 Outdoor Ice Surface Request:


Kostyk – that, in regards to the request seeking permission to set up an outdoor ice surface on Town land, we table this issue to the next meeting in order to find out more information regarding Provincial regulations and liability issues.



#597/20 CAO Chorneyko’s Report:


Bartoshewski – that we receive CAO Chorneyko’s Report as presented.



#598/20 Council Meeting Schedule:


McConnell – that we approve the Council Meeting Schedule as per the document attached hereto.



#599/20 Complaints/Comments Report:


Karakochuk – that we receive the Complaints/Comments Report as presented.



#600/20 RCMP Report:


McConnell – that we receive the November 2020 RCMP Report as submitted by Sgt. Brian Wlasichuk



#601/20 Landfill Operations Report:


Jordan – that we hire P Machibroda Engineering Ltd. to compile our Landfill Operations Report, as required by Sask. Environment, at a cost of approximately $2,550.



#602/20 Landfill Schedule of Operations:


Kostyk – that we refer the issue of the scheduling of hours of operation of the landfill to the Public Works Committee.



#603/20 Town Superintendent Report:


            Swinburnson – that we receive Town Superintendent Reid’s report as presented.



#604/20 Arena Rental Policy:


Kostyk – that, while going through the current COVID-19 pandemic, we set a policy to rent our arena ice surface only to local groups and individuals until such a time that Council believes it is safe to rent to out-of-town groups.



#605/20 Anderson’s Report:


Kostyk – that we receive Director of Leisure Services Anderson’s Report as presented.



#606/20 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Report:


Bartoshewski– that we receive the Bylaw Enforcement Officer Report as circulated by email.



#607/20 Bylaw Enforcement Contract:


Karakochuk – that we renew a contract with the Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan to provide bylaw enforcement services in 2021, at one day per week, and at a rate of $49/hour.



#608/20 Correspondence:


Bartoshewski – that we receive and file the correspondence as per the list attached hereto.


#609/20 Mayor Boylak’s Report:


Karakochuk – that we receive Mayor Boylak’s report as presented.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CARRIED

#610/20 Repeal Recreation Board Bylaw #70/95:


Kostyk – that, as the bylaw is no longer relevant to Town of Wynyard operations, we instruct CAO Chorneyko to draft a bylaw to repeal Bylaw #70/95 – The Recreation Board Bylaw.



#611/20 Amend Bylaw #46/14:


Kostyk – that we instruct CAO Chorneyko to draft a bylaw to amend Bylaw #46/14 – The Boards and Committees Bylaw, to better reflect the relationship between Town Council and appointed Boards and Committees.



#612/20 General Government Committee Report:


Jordan – that we receive the General Government Committee Report as presented by Councillor Swinburnson.



#613/20 Councillor McConnell’s Report:


Kostyk – that we receive Councillor McConnell’s report as presented



#614/20 Councillor Karakochuk’s Report:


Swinburnson– that we receive Councillor Karakochuk’s report as presented.




#615/20 Councillor Jordan’s Report:


Karakochuk – that we receive Councillor Jordan’s Report as presented.




#616/20 Adjourn:


McConnell– that we adjourn the meeting. (8.33 p.m.)


Last modified: December 17, 2020