Town of Wynyard

Town Council Minutes – APRIL 3, 2014

April 8, 2014

Call to Order:

Mayor Czarnecki called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

#218/14 Minutes:

Babey – that we adopt the minutes of the previous meeting of March 20, 2014 as circulated.

#219/14 Business Licence Applications:

Swinburnson – that we approve the following Business Licence Applications:

#67/14 Doug & Jody Jordan – Trucking – $100
#68/14 Szyd’s Enterprises Inc. – Dave Szydlowski – Contracting – $100
#69/14 BananaTree Art Co. – Dana Stefanson – Cake Decorating – $50
#70/14 James Welding – James Prystai – Welding – $100
#71/14 Chickencow’s Hearing Centre – Hearing Services – $100


#220/14 Lottery Licence Applications:

Boylak – that we approve the following Lottery Licence Application:

#4/14 St. Mary’s CWL – Sheila Hitchings – Raffle – $5
#5/14 Golden Acres Auxiliary – Elaine Greenshields – Raffle – $5


Councillor Boylak declares pecuniary interest and leaves Council Chambers. (7:01 p.m.)

#221/14 Vouchers:

Swinburnson – that the following vouchers be approved for payment as recommended by the General Government Committee of Mayor Czarnecki and Councillors Jordan and Prystai:

General Vouchers #197 to #234 = $96,685.98

Payroll Vouchers #97 to #116 = $19,008.87

Councillor Boylak returns to Council Chambers. (7:05 p.m.)

Delegation: BMO, Jamie Lalach (7:05 – 7:34 PM)

#222/14 Water Works Management Bylaw:

Prystai – that we refer to the Public Works Committee the issue of implementing a 1” water service line as standard into the Water Works Management Bylaw.


#223/14 R.M. Refuse:

Prystai – that we refer the R.M garbage bin issue to the Public Works Committee.


#224/14 Lots for Sale:

Prystai – that we authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to accept the Straker request to sell Lots 8, 9, 10, Block 5, Plan Q7104 at $9,500 plus tax and legal expenses, or lots 7, 8, 9, 10, Block 5, Plan Q7104 at $13,000 plus tax and legal expenses.


#225/14 Chorneyko’s Report:

Swinburnson – that we receive Chief Administrative Officer Chorneyko’s report as presented.


#226/14 Receive Reports:

Prystai – that we receive the following Council Reports as presented:
a) Complaints/Comments Report

#227/14 Morrow’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive Water Works Foreman Terry Morrow’s report as presented.


#228/14 Arena Water Heaters:

Swinburnson – that we authorize Speedy’s Plumbing and Heating to replace three water heaters, for ice flooding at the arena, at an approximate cost of $3,000.


#229/14 Meditation Class:

Jordan – that we allow four free uses of the Ukrainian Hall to Rita Karakochuk to determine if there is an interest in starting a meditation class.


#230/14 New Parks Mower:

Prystai – that we purchase a Ferris F800X3 Mower from Wynyard Equipment Sales at a cost of $18,000 plus tax.


#231/14 Stefanovic’s Report:

Jordan – that we receive Director of Leisure Services Stefanovic’s report as presented.


#232/14 Pleasantview Cemetery Levy:

Swinburnson – that we approve payment of the Cemetery levy in the amount of $8,500.


#233/14 2014 Education Mill Rates:

Prystai – that we acknowledge receipt of the Government Relations letter containing the 2014 school mill rates.

#234/14 GST Review:

Jordan – that we authorize Luckett Wenman and Associates to perform a GST/PST review of our financial statements.

#235/14 Receive Correspondence:

Czarnecki – that we receive and file correspondence as per the list attached hereto.


#236/14 Mayor’s Report:

Czarnecki – that we receive Mayor Czarnecki’s report as presented.


#237/14 Electronic Keyboard:

Jordan – that we add $1,500 to the budget for an electric keyboard for the Auditorium.


#238/14 Disposal of Pianos:

Jordan – that we scrap two of the pianos currently being housed at the Civic Centre.


#239/14 Jordan’s Report:

Prystai – that we receive the Recreation & Culture Report as presented by Councillor Jordan.

#240/14 Swinburnson’s Report:

Jordan – that we receive the General Government Report as presented by Councillor Swinburnson.

#241/14 Boylak’s Report:

Babey – that we receive the Transportation Report as presented by Councillor Boylak.


#242/14 Babey’s Report:

Kucey – that we receive the Environment and Health Report as presented by Councillor Babey.


#243/14 Adjourn:

Boylak – that we adjourn the meeting (9:50 PM).

Last modified: April 8, 2014