Town of Wynyard

Covid-19 Coronavirus


April 9, 2020

The Special Services Bus will no longer be operating. Council encourages people to take advantage of the home delivery services offered by local grocery stores and the pharmacy.


April 2, 2020

The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency is encouraging people to download the SaskAlert App so they can receive critical COVID-19 information in a timely manner. The app also allows people to choose how and when to hear the emergency alerts.

Link to app here –> SaskAlert App


March 18, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has been deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The Federal Government, the Provincial Government, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, and various health organizations have given recommendations on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In response to the recommendations given by the various levels of government, and until further notice, the Council for the Town of Wynyard is taking the following actions to try and control the spread of the virus:

1) Action has already occurred in closing down all Town recreation and cultural facilities.

2) The Town Office will be closed to the public as of Monday, March 23, 2020. Staff will still be at their jobs and will be available, by telephone or e-mail, to answer questions and assist the public.

A drop box will be available during regular office hours for any person who wishes to make a non-electronic payment to the Town. Council encourages as many people as possible to make payments through online banking or through your financial institutions.

3) The Special Services Bus will be restricted for medically relevant trips only. Further restrictions for the Bus may be implemented at a later date. Council encourages people to take advantage of the home delivery services offered by local grocery stores and the pharmacy.

4) The Wynyard Kinettes and the Gospel Church are two groups actively offering support during this pandemic. Please check out Facebook for more information.


March 13, 2020

In response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus:

Effective immediately, the Town of Wynyard is postponing all recreational activities and social events until further notice.  All Town of Wynyard Recreational facilities are now closed to the public.  The Town of Wynyard recommends that residents do not hold any large social events or gatherings during this time. These decisions were not made lightly, however the steps being taken are in the best interest of the community as a whole.

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