Town of Wynyard


Wynyard is a shining example of the Saskatchewan motto “Strength Through Diversity” Originally settled by Icelandic immigrants as part of the Lakes District, it became home to people of many ethnic groups, the largest being of Ukrainian origin.

The Town economic development policy supports local industry and business as well as attracting new enterprises. A modern infrastructure supports many excellent goods and services which draw patrons from a large trading area. Our Town has grown to include apartment buildings and condominiums.

Wynyard is also a place for people where a high quality of life for its citizens is maintained. We have something for the youth, for seniors, and everyone in between. We value each and every one. Accessibility in transportation, recreation, and education is a priority. Most recreation is subsidized and is affordable by all. There are several service, fraternal, sport, recreational, and social organizations to accommodate a wide range of interests. These interests range from athletic to artistic to good fellowship.

The Town is well-served by the Yellowhead highway, railroad, buses, trucking and a paved airport. Education, health and environment, and protection services are excellent. Visitors find our Town attractive and hospitable. Welcome to our community!


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